4 Simple Steps To Install A Bow Wrist Sling

Here you will learn how to install a bow wrist sling in 4 easy steps. Installing a bow wrist sling is something you should know since it makes it easier and more comfortable to use your bow.

If you’ve never used one or you’re curious about how they work, you’re in the right place. You can add one of them to your bow in a matter of seconds. As you will see.

To install a bow wrist sling, follow these steps:

  1. Thread the string halfway through the wrist sling
  2. Use the provided bolt to attach the center of the sling to the handgrip on your bow
  3. Tighten the bolt and make minor adjustments for comfort and handling
  4. Finish threading the other half of the wrist sling

In this article, we’ll discuss the 4 simple steps to put a wrist sling on a bow, why it’s a great choice for many archers, and whether or not they’re necessary. We’ll also talk about finger slings and how they stack up against bow wrist slings. Enjoy!

How Do You Put A Wrist Sling On A Bow In 4 Easy Steps?

To put a wrist sling on a bow in four steps, try this method:

  1. Choose a wrist sling designed for your bow and thread half of it before mounting it. It’s important to thread the first half of the sling to give your hand something to hold while mounting the bolts in the following step.
  2. Twist the bolt through the center of the sling and onto the bow near its handgrip. Your wrist sling should include a bolt unless it’s a model that doesn’t require mounting. These types of wrist slings thread around your hand and hold it onto the bow.
  3. Thread the second half of the wrist sling to complete the installation process. The bolt will hold the sling’s mounting bracket while you finish tying the last loop or two.
  4. Test the wrist sling by loosely holding the bow and drawing the bowstring. You should be able to pull the bow’s string without loosening the wrist sling. You don’t even need to completely hold the grip anymore, thanks to the sling!

Try this helpful video tutorial by Suntex Cassie for a detailed explanation:

Now you know how to install it. So, let’s look at what is a wrist sling and why you should have one in the first place.

What Is A Wrist Sling And What Does It Help You With?

A wrist sling is a string that’s usually mounted to a bow that holds your wrist and hand to the gripping area. You can draw the bow’s string without having to have a firm grip on the bow with your other hand. This adjustment allows you to aim easier and focus on your shot.

Here’s a list of what wrist slings help you with:

  • Wrist slings let you hold your bow without gripping the wood or rubber too hard. You can focus on drawing the string and aiming rather than stretching out your arm for the shot.
  • Wrist slings help you carry your bow because you can tie them around the back of your hand. They’re great for beginners and experts alike, allowing them to walk around without holding the bow too with a firm grip.
  • A wrist sling is an excellent training device that helps people aim if they’ve never used a bow. They can worry more about precision and distance instead of dropping the bow or not being able to handle the constant stress of the string.

Is A Bow Wrist Sling Necessary?

A wrist sling isn’t necessary, but it’s a great attachment for people who aren’t used to holding a strong bow. It provides ease of use, better handling, and top-notch precision.

However, many expert bowhunters don’t use wrist slings because they stray away from traditional bowhunting. The good news is that bow wrist slings are cheap, so you can get one without worrying about breaking the bank.

How Tight Should A Bow Wrist Sling Be?

A bow wrist sling should be tight enough to keep your hand attached to the bow, but loose enough to not disrupt your blood circulation. You should be able to slide your hand out of the wrist sling while holding the bow with the other hand. If it’s too tight, it can limit your range of motion.

It’s best to test your bow wrist sling at a practice range before bringing it on a hunting trip. You wouldn’t want it to launch off of the bow when you release the arrow!

Speaking of things “launching”. Having a bow wrist sling enables you to not grip the bow too hard. This often leads to the weird sight where archers drop their bow when they fire their arrows. So why does that happen?

Why Do Archers Let The Bow Drop?

Archers let the bow drop because most of their strength is on the string, so when they release it, the momentum pulls the bow forward. Dropping the bow isn’t an intentional motion, but rather a result of pulling the string so hard that the bow dives in the direction of the arrow for a brief moment.

Dropping the bow is even more common when using wrist slings because there’s little to no grip strength on the bow.

What Is A Finger Sling?

A finger sling is a string that loops around your index finger, the bow, and your thumb to keep them aligned. Unlike a wrist sling, a finger sling usually isn’t mounted to the bow. Instead, the tightness of the string around your thumb and finger is enough to prevent it from dropping or falling off of your hand.

A lot of people use a finger sling to prevent themselves from letting go of the bow when they shoot it. This motion stops the arrow from going off track, too.

Finger Sling Or A Bow Wrist Sling?

When it comes to choosing a finger sling or a bow wrist sling, the finger sling is better for preventing the front of the bow from dropping, whereas the wrist sling is more comfortable and provides better support. Both of them assist with the bow’s pullback strength and pressure.

Some people find the tightness of a finger sling around the index finger and thumb to be a bit too much. A bow wrist sling is usually a better choice because it’s often mounted to the bow, it lets you keep a loose grip, and you don’t have to worry about it falling off of your fingers or bow.

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