Best Archery Games – An Archer Weighs In

Do you want to know which archery games are the best? Then check out my four recommendations for the best archery game for your phone.

The best archery games for an android phone are:

  • Tiny Archery
  • Archery Elite
  • Archery Shooting Physics
  • Archery Big Match

Do you want to know why these archery games are the best? You can check my detailed description of these archery games below.

And find out which of these archery games is most likely to piss off some people.

Tiny Archery

I really like this one.

An Example of How The Archery Game Tiny Archer Will Look On Your Phone Screen


You don’t just stand in front of a target and shoot but there is a story behind it.

You are the mighty archer the defender of the realm. There is a giant army of trolls coming your way and you have to defend it with your bow and arrow.

It’s really cool looking. They actually ask you if you want to see blood when the arrow hits a troll. Obviously, I turned it on to check it out. Not the best blood I’ve seen but it’s fun to watch.

You get to hit moving targets, your arrows will miss a lot in the beginning but once you get a hang of it your arrows will get a headshot often.

Every once in a while they replay the hit from the point of view of the arrow. So it’s a cool touch.

You also earn points, which you can redeem for an upgrade of your equipment and to buy some cool traps.

All in all not a bad archery game for your phone.


The music of the game gets old really fast. And on top of that, the game has ads that jump in once in a while.

If you watch the ads you get bonus coins which you can use to buy yourself some cool archery gear.

This is the game that could offend the more sensitive type of people.

Archery Elite

How Archery Elite Looks on Your Phone


This archery game has some really badass music when you open the game. Its pumps you up.

  • It has a short introductory tutorial then you begin
  • It has a competitive aspect, you compete against other palyers across the world.
  • It has moving targets, for an added challenge
  • The targets can be animals. Which can offend certain animal rights activists. You can get a feeling your shooting arrows at Bambi at times.

Just to clarify. The game offers a standard target for competitions as well. So you can choose to shoot a deer or you can choose to shoot at a standard archery target and compete.


  • The Ads are present (although, you get extra bonuses if you watch the ads until the end, so I liek the idea of the developers to reward players to watch ads)
  • Graphics were subpar in my opinion

I like this game since I got beaten several times in one on one competitions here. I got frustrated and then when I won I got psyched. Time flies when you’re playing this archery game. So definitely worth checking out.

This one was the most annoying archery game I have ever played on my phone.

Archery Shooting Physics

Screenshot of archery shooting physics


It’s a game with cool graphics. In most cases, you get an animated babe holding apples which you have to shoot with your arrows to score points.

Obviously, my first thought playing this was: “If I try to headshot her do I get extra points?” So I did, and no you don’t get any extra points. You just lose your round.

I also like the graphics in this archery game, it looks dark and mystic.

Con: The ads in this game are really annoying. I started getting ads almost every time I lost the round. And it was the same ad every single time. For a potato chip brand.

No, “compete” option. You are playing against an algorithm and not a real person.

All in all, it’s a good game, just be ready for annoying ads. Oh, and you don’t get cool rewards for watching the ads, they just push it on you.

Archery Big Match

This one is simple and straightforward.

How Archery Big Match Looks On Your Phone


It’s really easy to learn. You get a simple tutorial for a round or two then they let you go.

You are in front of a target and your job is to hit it. Out of all the games, this one most closely resembles real-life archery. So I get a feeling most people who play this archery game are real-world archers.

I really like the competition feature. You can compete against players from the other side of the world and of course unlike the other games here you have an offline option.

Let’s say you are saving the data on your phone or you are somewhere with zero internet connection you can turn on the offline option and play against your buddy in one on one matches.

So you activate the game with two archers, you take the player one position and he takes the player two and you take turns shooting arrows.

Cool way to pass the time with a friend or by yourself. So definitely take a look at this archery game.


Ads. There are ads in this game. They really aren’t that annoying, to be honest with you. You get used to them.

In Conclusion

I really like archery games, in general, they are easy and challenging enough to have you hooked on your phone.

Given the fact they have millions of downloads, it’s safe to say it’s an effective way to entice people who are interested in archery to enroll in some archery lessons.

It’s good for the sport of archery all in all.

So if you are curious about archery in general You can click here and it will take you to an article I wrote where you can see every benefit you get if you decide to practice archery.

So that’s all from my end, I hope you enjoyed reading and take care

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