How Many Arrows Do You Need In Your Quiver?

If you ever wondered how many arrows you need to carry when you go to your local archery range, then you came to the right place. This article discusses just that.

Had to consult with a few archery range owners to get this exact answer you see below.

On average an archer should only carry 6 to 12 arrows in their quiver at any one time. While bowhunters on the other hand should hunt with just up to 5 arrows on them at any time.

This is the main takeaway from the article. To see why you should avoid having too many arrows with you then keep reading.

How Many Arrows Do You Need In Your Quiver?

I made a few phone calls to various archery ranges across the US and there is a consensus that you don’t need that many arrows for an effective practice session. 6 is more than enough for any beginner to handle.

So, why don’t you need that many arrows? Well, arrows that are well made are reusable. Once you are done, you collect them and fire them off again.

So, How Many Arrows Can You Put In Your Quiver?

Quivers used for target archery can hold between 6 and 24 arrows. The really cheap ones tend to hold fewer arrows while the more standard quivers can fit up to 24 arrows.

An Example of a Quiver With Enough Arrows

The reason for having a small number of arrows, therefore, isn’t about the lack of space. It’s about the practicality of having a small number of arrows.

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The Benefit of Having a Small Number of Arrows

  • Low cost
  • Better exercise
  • Better care

Low Cost

Rather simple really. More arrows cost more. You can get a standard archery pack of 12 arrows for between 25 and 40 dollars. The difference is in the material it’s made from and the brand of the arrows.

Fiberglass ones tend to cost less than carbon fiber arrows. Both will do fine.

Now on top of that, you should get yourself a basic archery quiver that won’t break the bank. The quiver which holds fewer arrows costs less than the one that holds more arrows.

The difference in price is minimal.

Better Exercise

This one is easy too. You will empty out your quiver of 6 arrows far quicker than one with 12 arrows. This means you have the chance to walk to the target to collect your arrows and walk back which is often a distance between 40 and 100 yards.

Depending on how far the target at your local archery range is.

A good practice session means you shoot at least 100 arrows per practice session. If you have 6 arrows it means you get it done in around 15 rounds.

If your target is 30 yards away, that means you get 60 yards of walking done for every round of shooting. If you multiply that by 15 rounds then 900 yards.

Simply put. More walking equals getting more exercise.

If your target is even farther away then the walking you get is that much greater.

Better Care

Archery arrows get damaged and they can also get lost.

You miss your target in an outdoor archery range and you simply can not find your arrow or the arrows hits the hard wooden target and it gets damaged.

Assuming you carry with you a small number of arrows you are likely to take better care of them.

And even when collecting your arrows from the target it’s easier to examine a small number of arrows for fractures and damage than it is a big number of arrows.

The Benefits of Having a Large Number of Arrows On Yourself

Ironically enough …

Better Exercise For Your Muscles

I know I used this as a benefit of having a small number of arrows but it’s true in that case as it is in this one.

Simply enough, drawing a bow with a draw weight of 40lbs or more takes a good deal of effort from your upper body muscles as you can see in this article.

Every time you stop to go and collect your arrows you allow your upper body muscles to rest but if you pack more arrows with you, you can continue to shoot thus tiring your muscles even more.

It’s a better upper body workout.

More Focus

Not having to stop and collect your arrows that often does have an effect of getting more reps in. Meaning you shoot more and thus your aim and your results will get better faster.  

For Bowhunters

Bowhunters typically carry on themselves a very small number of arrows for very practical reasons. Only up to five. Why only five?

Increased mobility

It’s easier to move when you are not packing a huge amount of gear on yourself. And you are able to be a lot more silent. Which is an important aspect of bowhunting.

Not making a lot of noise.

How Many Arrows Do Professionals Use?

Most archery competitions allow just 3 arrows per target. So again, while it would make the people manufacturing the arrows very happy, you don’t need that many.

In the Olympics however, archers tend to shoot in rounds, where they fire 6 arrows around.

Historical Gem:

Medieval archers in Europe tended to carry a lot of arrows. Up to 60 on them. After they fired every arrow, the ammunition got replenished from a central store.

It is said that King Edward the third brought around a million arrows for his 7000 strong archery army at the battle of Crecy in 1346.

In Conclusion

You only need 6 to 12 arrows to practice archery. I suggest you get yourself 12 arrows and start by using only half of them.

The fact is, you will likely lose some during your sessions others will get damaged. So, you will be able to replenish them from the other 6 you left at home.

And after those are “spent”, you get yourself another set of 12 arrows and you repeat the process.

Thank you for reading and feel free to check out any other articles I have on this website.

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Happy shooting and take care.

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