Is Archery A Team Sport? The Truth Revealed

Ever wondered if archery is a team sport? Then this article is designed to help you. This article covers in detail the question of “is archery a team sport”.

Let us start with a key takeaway from the entire article.

As a general rule archery is a solo sport. With that said, there are cases where a team of archers competes against another team of archers in which case it is classified as a team sport. Archery, therefore, is both a team sport and a solo sport depending on the context.

As we will see in a moment, it is possible to organize a team even if you are a hobbyist archer.

So, what are the benefits and drawbacks of shooting arrows as a team versus going at it alone?

We will check that out as well …

Being a Solo Archer

Result or progress in archery isn’t measured in goals or baskets as in other sports but in points. You simply have to collect more points than the other competitor.

If your competing that can be another archer or if you’re a hobbyist like me, more points than you did before. That’s how you measure progress.

Or collect points. In competitions, you are awarded points based on where on the target your arrows landed. Simple stuff isn’t it?

When you play or compete as a team, things are a little different. An archery team usually consists of three archers. Each archer in the team will shoot with a different bow, one would use a longbow, the other a recurve bow the other a compound bow, and your team gets judged based on the points you and your teammates scored together.

So, it is your team’s points against the other team’s points. Quite simple.

Now, while it is standard that every archer shoots with a different bow there are plenty of amateur team competitions where you can all use the same type of bow. 

So what is better, doing it by yourself or competing as a team?

The Benefit of Doing Archery Yourself:

You Can Relax More

You can be hard on yourself to improve that is true. But if you miss or screw up a shot you only let yourself down. Not an entire team of archers.

This allows you to make more mistakes. And you learn from your mistakes, which makes you better.

Quiet time

Since I’m an introvert I consider this a benefit, some might not. If I have problems, outside of an archery range I can simply relax and spend some quiet team. It recharges me. 

The Drawback of Being a Solo Archer

The Alone Factor

It is the flipped side of the above benefit. It can get lonely.

The Benefit of Doing Archery in a Team

Let’s start with a quote from a world-class Colombian archer Sara Lopez:

You learn how to identify mistakes, how to correct them, and if there’s something you need to improve, and so do your teammates – as well as moving aside to let someone else take the helm if you’re not doing so well,” she explained. I think the confidence you gain while doing this is what really helps your results.

The Camaraderie

You are in a group of people that share the same interests as you. You all unite for one sole purpose to be better than the other team. When you win the joy is high and you get to share the emotions with the people around you.

If you lose, then you get to share that as well.

You Improve Faster

After you spend time doing a lot of mistakes yourself under the watchful eye of a coach. You can experience greater growth of skill in a team.

Think about it. You have likely two teammates with years of experience between them watching you shoot. And since it is in their best interest that you improve they will catch any flaw you make and will give you tips on how to improve your shooting techniques.

They simply can see things from a point of view you can not. And it’s free advice.

It is Loads of Fun

Think about it, most humans like to compete. That’s why we spend time rooting for our favorite character or team and we feel joy when they overcome obstacles to win in the end.

You can set up unofficial teams in your local archery ranges and simply compete on the weekends. The losing team buys a round of drinks to the winning team.

You can also contact other archery ranges in other cities and organize a hobbyist competition. You can take a weekend trip to another city and compete with another team and after the match is over go sightseeing. Archery is fun!

The Bad Thing About Doing Archery as a Team

Choosing the wrong team members

If your main purpose is to have fun and get a little better as an archer and you get into the same team as a super competitive individual that is out to win?

Friction is a result. The same goes if you are super competitive and are stuck in a team with people who have an easy-going mentality.


Choose your team members based on shared purpose.

You avoid trouble by aligning with people who share your purpose when it comes to team competitions.

All in all. This is the only drawback to doing archery as a team. It’s easily avoidable.

In conclusion:

Archery can definitely be a team sport. After your initial training phase, I definitely encourage you to begin competing in a team with like-minded individuals. The benefits are immense, since doing archery as a team improves your confidence, your social skills.

Above all else, it will make you a better archer.

So, I am a huge fan of shooting arrows as a team. Even with that, I still like, from time to time to practice my archery alone. When I need my alone time.

That is all from my end, I hope you get a lot from my take on why Archery is both a team sport and a solo game. It comes down to how the archer himself wants to do it.

As Always it is up to you.

If you want to see how often an archer should practice to get good and avoid injury, you can see my thoughts on it here.

Take care

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