What Is A Nocking Point And Do You Need One?

Here you will learn what exactly is a nocking point. How to set a nocking point in 5 easy steps. And how you can set a nocking point without using a bow ruler.

So, take a few minutes to read this and by the time you are done, you will know what a nocking point is and how to set a nocking point on your bow.

The paragraph below contains the main takeaway from the entire article.

A nocking point is a marking, that archers place on their bowstrings so that they know where to nock their arrows every time they shoot. Placing the arrow in the same place on the bowstring leads to better accuracy for the archer. A nocking point is not needed but it does help to improve the performance of an archer.

Now, let’s go into a bit more detail about what it is and how do you set it.

What Is A Nocking Point?

A nocking point is a marking on the bowstring, for the most part, made from brass or pieces of string. This marking tells the archer where he can nock his arrow.

Let me show you how this looks like.

An Example Of a Nocking Point

In this particular example above you have a brass nock compressed around a bowstring. These are relatively better in my opinion than the ones that you wrap around the bowstring simply due to the fact that it is far easier to attach to the bowstring if you have clumsy fingers (like me).

So where do you nock the arrow in this example, above the nock or below it?

You nock the arrow just below the nock on your bowstring.

There are other options to choose as a nocking point.

String Style Nocking Point

In this picture, you can see that the nocking point is marked out by having a string tightly wrapped around your bowstring above the nocking point and then another piece of string wrapped just below the nocking point. This clearly shows the archer where to nock his arrow.

You will see how this gets done when we get to the part of placing the nock on your bow.

How Does The Nocking Point Help You?

The nocking point helps you to place the arrow on the exact same place of the bowstring every single time. By placing the arrow in the exact same place on the bowstring the archer just eliminated another variable between shots. This consistency in arrow placement between every single shot leads to tighter groupings and increased accuracy.

Archery really is a game of consistency between shots. As I mentioned many times before there are certain things that have to be the same between every shot or darn near identical.

Any slight variation on how you release the bow, how you aim, or where you place the arrow on the bowstring easily gets transferred to the arrow. Leading to widely different shots.

So if you ensure that these things remain consistent between every shot you take you will be a far more accurate archer. That is why a nocking point is important. It makes your arrow placement consistent. Thus making you a better archer.

Can You Shoot Arrows Without A Nocking Point?

Yes, you can shoot arrows without using a nocking point. Your accuracy will suffer without a nocking point on your bowstring because you will not be nocking your arrows in the exact same place on the bowstring between shots.

So, just get yourself one. It’s a cheap and easy way to be better.

How To Set A Nocking Point On Your Bow In 5 Easy Steps

Things you need:

  • A bow ruler
  • A Bow
  • A Nock

1. Place Your Bow On The Floor And Prepear Your Bow Ruler

Realistically this is optional I just find it easier to attach a nock if you are not holding your bow in your other arm. So place your bow on the floor. Get hold of your bow ruler.

How To Determine Where To Place Your Nocking Point

Now before we move on. there is a question that needs answering. Do you need a bow ruler to place a nock on your bow? Bow rulers are not necessary to set a nock on your bow. They are designed to make the entire process a lot more easier and precise for you.

If you wish you can also use a regular ruler instead of a bow ruler, it will make your nock a bit more unprecise but still could be achieved.

2. Clip The Bow Ruler On Your Bowstring

The bow ruler is designed to be clipped on the bowstring so it stays fixed while you are measuring. So use the back of the bow ruler to clip it on the bowstring. Like this:

Using a Bow Ruler To Set a Nocking Point

You clip the back of the bow ruler to the bowstring while the elongated part of the ruler is pressed against the arrow shelf. It should look like the picture above. Now, what about if you are shooting from an elevated arrow rest?

Well simply place the elongated bottom of the ruler on the place where you are shooting it from. So if you are shooting a little elevated simply raise the bow ruler to be on the same level from which you are shooting.

3. Determine Where You Will Place Your Nock

Place your nock half an inch above the level you will be shooting from.

Bow Ruler

You should place a nock half an inch above the arrow shelf. The arrow should comfortably lay on the arrow shelf perpendicular to the arrow rest. That is why you place a nock just above. So half an inch should be enough. Roughly the diameter of an arrow shaft is a good rule of thumb to follow.

4. Place A Nock On The Chosen Position On The Bowstring

Place the brass nock on the bowstring.

Determining the Position Of The Nocking Point

5. Compress The Brass Nock While It Is On The Bowstring And Check If It Is In The Right Position

Take your pliers and gently squeeze the nock while it is on the bowstring. That will compress the metal around the bowstring ensuring it stays in one place while you are shooting.

Compressing the Brass Nocking Point

After you compress the nock on your bow simply make sure it is in the right position.

And that is it.

You have a brass nock on your bowstring.

Can You Set A Nocking Point Without The Bow Ruler – Do You Even Need A Bow Ruler?

You can easily set a nock on your bow with no bow ruler. You do this by nocking the arrow on the same level from which you will be shooting. Then you place a brass nock just above the arrow shaft on the bowstring. So now the nock is on the bowstring touching the nocking point of the arrow.

Brass Nocking Point

Take your pliers and compress the nock on the bowstring. Voila, you just set a nock without a bow ruler.


A Few Other Ways You Can Nock

You can nock an arrow by marking the spot where you will be nocking the arrow and then tying a string around the bowstring just above the arrow shaft and then you wrap another piece of a brightly colored string just below the arrow shaft.

This will clearly mark the place where you nock the arrow.

The other way to do this is to take two brass nocks and place them on the top of the arrow shaft of the nocked arrow and the other nock just below the arrow shaft of the nocked arrow.

Take the pliers and compress both nocks. And voila. Hardly any benefit in doing it like that but it is your bow, your choice what to do with it.

In Conclusion

Thank you for taking the time to read this article. Hopefully, you learned something new. If you want you can check out brass nocks for yourself on Amazon by clicking here. It will take you to Amazon where you can order some cheap nock if you want.

You can see another article on if string silencers work by clicking here.

Take care

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